Secure AP provides a long term strategy.
We shift clients’ basic Accounts payable processing to a long term AP Management strategy.
Secure AP provides affordable outsourced services.
We provide affordable and competitive outsourced Accounts payable services.
Secure AP utilizes secure technology.
We utilize state-of-the art and secured software technologies, including paperless processes and invoice automation.
Secure AP offers 24/7 data accessibility.
We provide top-quality and customized cloud-based software that is equipped with a client portal to allow uninterrupted access to client information.
Secure AP is experienced and reliable.
The Secure AP managing team has experience with accounts payable, software integration, coupled with business development and management.

DFW Accounts Payable Services

DFW Accounts Payable Services

If you are a small to midsize business looking for a reliable, convenient way to handle all of your accounts payable tasks, Secure AP is your solution. Keeping up with invoices, recording all your financial transactions, preparing bills, writing checks, and ensuring compliance with local state and federal regulations is overwhelming. Let the knowledgeable team at Secure AP offer you peace of mind with our accounts payable services. 

Our Experience

Patrice and Jade Bogna founded Secure AP in 2020. The company offers businesses in the DFW area and beyond reliable and strategic full-cycle accounts payable and bookkeeping services. We work closely with small to midsize companies in the construction, healthcare, dining, and retail industries to implement a long-term AP Management strategy that saves our clients time and money. 

The Secure AP team brings hands-on expertise in developing and managing a business, along with our knowledge of marketing and Information Technology and Systems, to our bookkeeping services. With ten plus years of direct accounts payable experience, our team balances and improves the efficiency of client’s accounts payable processes. 

With competitive rates and experience in accounts payable operations, software integration, and business development and management, Secure AP can partner with your business to meet all your financial management needs.

How Secure AP Helps Your Business

Secure AP provides full-cycle accounts payable services to clients, helping them to save money and stay organized. Some of the biggest challenges to running a small or mid-size company arise with bookkeeping problems. If you have experienced any of the following issues with your current accounts payable system, Secure AP can help.

  • Difficulty complying with financial procedures and policies
  • Unreliable employees causing confusion or loss of funds
  • Accounts payable processes taking up several hours of your day
  • Invoices or payments are late or missing
  • Taxes are a source of stress because you don’t feel prepared
  • You feel you could be making more money if you had a better system

You aren’t alone in struggling with these aspects of bookkeeping. Unless you have previous experience running a business or working with account payable systems, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the daily minutiae. If you are a small business owner who handles the accounting yourself, it is difficult to complete daily accounts payable tasks, develop marketing strategies, and run the business simultaneously. 

If you’ve hired an employee to help you with your accounts payable, you may run into another set of problems. You must train the employee in your existing management system and trust they are competent and trustworthy, and incur the extra cost of hiring an employee. 

Secure AP provides a solution to all these issues. When you outsource your accounts payable with Secure AP, you get peace of mind that your accounts are handled with care and expertise. We take the burden off you so that you can focus on developing and growing your business. With Secure AP, professionals manage your finances for a fraction of what it would cost to hire and train a new employee.

Accounts Payable Services

Secure AP offers helpful accounts payable services in the greater DFW area. Our services include full-cycle accounts payable services for:

  • Invoice receipt
  • Document imaging
  • Data extraction
  • Content management
  • Approval and discrepancy resolution

Secure AP uses accounts payable automation solutions that integrate with popular business accounting programs like Intuit Quickbooks, Oracle, Sage, Net Suite, Workday, PeopleSoft, and SAP to assist and streamline your business. This means that you don’t have to learn new software when you work with Secure AP, saving you time and money. 

In addition to accounts payable services, we offer Bookkeeping and ERP Consulting. With ERP Consulting, you receive guidance on bookkeeping and accounts payable best practices and management. Our bookkeeping services are provided by certified bookkeeping teams and help your business with financial tasks such as ledger maintenance, bank reconciliation, and cash flow management, and gives you access to your balance sheets and income statements 24/7.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Accounts Payable

The decision to outsource your accounts payable affords many benefits to your business. Partnering with Secure AP to manage your bookkeeping and accounts payable systems brings these benefits to your company and helps you seamlessly transition as your business grows. Benefits of outsourcing your accounts payable include:

  • More Free Time

Outsourcing means more free time for you. Whether you use this free time to relax or focus on growing your business is up to you. What’s important is that the accounts are taken care of, and you are free to use the time you would have spent hunched over the computer crunching numbers to do more valuable things. 

  • Specialist Knowledge

Outsourcing to Secure AP means you can utilize our specialist knowledge in the field of accounts payable and bookkeeping. We know exactly where to start and how to get organized. We offer solutions to your bookkeeping challenges and maintain compliance with financial policies and procedures. This allows you to specialize in the service or product your business offers while we specialize in ours. 

  • Reduced Risk

Our specialist knowledge coupled with our detailed bookkeeping systems equals reduced risk for your business. We identify and correct accounting errors that cost you money and develop a long-term AP Management system that reduces the future risk for your company. 

  • More Money

Reduced risk and better account management translate into more money for your business. Not only are our services affordable, which saves you money on hiring accounts payable employees, but our bookkeeping system also allows us to see where you can reduce your expenses. This is one of the best benefits of outsourcing your bookkeeping. 

  • Peace of Mind

Knowing that your accounts are in experienced hands is invaluable. Approximately 20% of businesses fail within the first year, and that percentage goes up with time. One reason for failure is poor financial organization and the inability to balance the books. With Secure AP, you have peace of mind that your business won’t become one of these statistics due to small accounting mistakes that add up to big problems. 

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Call Secure AP at (972) 375-0442 to find out why we are the best accounts payable services in the Dallas Fort Worth area to discuss your business’ accounts payable outsourcing needs. We’d be happy to talk with you about your goals and challenges and develop a plan for your accounts going forward.