Secure AP provides a long term strategy.
We shift clients’ basic Accounts payable processing to a long term AP Management strategy.
Secure AP provides affordable outsourced services.
We provide affordable and competitive outsourced Accounts payable services.
Secure AP utilizes secure technology.
We utilize state-of-the art and secured software technologies, including paperless processes and invoice automation.
Secure AP offers 24/7 data accessibility.
We provide top-quality and customized cloud-based software that is equipped with a client portal to allow uninterrupted access to client information.
Secure AP is experienced and reliable.
The Secure AP managing team has experience with accounts payable, software integration, coupled with business development and management.

Fort Worth Bookkeeping Services

Many small business owners lack confidence in their bookkeeping and financial skills. Your passion is providing whatever your small business offers and not completing daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly bookkeeping tasks.  

Secure AP knows this, and we provide Dallas-Fort Worth bookkeeping services to help businesses focus on delivering outstanding customer service and growing their company. 

fort worth bookkeeping services secure ap solutions

Secure AP: A Bookkeeping Firm You Can Trust

We are a Dallas-Fort Worth bookkeeping company with experience transitioning small businesses to long-term planning rather than a basic accounts payable strategy. We provide you with affordable and competitive services so you can make the best decisions for your business.

Founded in 2020, we are proud to be based in Fort Worth, TX, an area experiencing tremendous economic growth. We also have an office in Plano, TX.

We provide bookkeeping services geared specifically for the needs of small business owners. Currently, we work with businesses in the construction, healthcare, retail, and restaurant industries in the Dallas-Fort Worth areas.

Outsourcing Accounts Payable Helps Your Bottom Line

By outsourcing your accounts payable services to Secure AP, we can help you save money. You won’t need to download expensive software, and our skilled bookkeeping teams can see trends in your financial statements, enabling you to make better financial decisions for your company. Plus, outsourcing to us means fewer clerical errors as our team does all the work. Our services include:

  • Accounts payable and receivable

Our accounts payable and receivable service allows us to get you on a long-term plan to avoid missed payments that cause your credit score to drop and lead to relationship headaches with you and your clients.

  • Certified bookkeeper teams

Everyone on our team is certified, meaning you can trust them to do the work right.

  • Financial reports and analysis

Our experienced team can provide you with a detailed report and analysis each year, even if you aren’t required to submit one to the SEC or IRS.

  • Bank reconciliation

Much of the tedious paperwork involved in bookkeeping centers around bank reconciliation. Let us take over this paperwork and handle any discrepancies for you.

outsourcing accounts payable secure ap solutions
  • Chart of accounts

We believe the best decisions are data-driven, so we’ll create a chart of accounts so you can easily find the information you need.

  • Ledger maintenance

We will get your ledger set up and organized and make sure it is filled out correctly. 

  • Cash flow management

You need to see a picture of available cash to help you make decisions regarding small business concerns like hiring or office space. We’ll keep you informed of your cash flow so you can make those decisions wisely.

  • Client portal

We will provide you with a client portal so that you can access your business’ balance sheets and income statements whenever it’s convenient for you.

Contact Secure AP Today

Together, we can help you cost-effectively monitor your financial situation so you can focus on running your business. We look forward to using our professional bookkeeping services to better your business.