Secure AP provides a long term strategy.
We shift clients’ basic Accounts payable processing to a long term AP Management strategy.
Secure AP provides affordable outsourced services.
We provide affordable and competitive outsourced Accounts payable services.
Secure AP utilizes secure technology.
We utilize state-of-the art and secured software technologies, including paperless processes and invoice automation.
Secure AP offers 24/7 data accessibility.
We provide top-quality and customized cloud-based software that is equipped with a client portal to allow uninterrupted access to client information.
Secure AP is experienced and reliable.
The Secure AP managing team has experience with accounts payable, software integration, coupled with business development and management.

Irving Bookkeeping Services

When you run a small to medium-sized company, bookkeeping and accounts payable operations are essential to the smooth day-to-day operation of your business. However, as your company grows, you may find that these administrative, financial operations take up a good portion of time, financial, and/or human resources that you could be using to focus on other aspects of your business. 

With outsourced bookkeeping, including accounts payable services from Secure AP, you are free to run your business without inputting all your financial data yourself or hiring additional employees to do the job. Our highly recommended professional team of financial professionals provides businesses and individuals in the Irving, Texas area with secure, reliable bookkeeping and ERP consulting services so that small business owners can lean into their company’s growth and development with a sound financial system in place. 

irving bookkeeping services secure ap solutions

Our Mission

Secure AP was founded in 2020 by Patrice and Jade Bogna. They started the Dallas-Fort Worth bookkeeping company to help small to mid-sized business owners shift from basic AP operations to systems with a long-term AP management strategy. 

With 25 years of experience in business services development and project management, Mr. Bogna can help your business develop and maintain a long-term AP management strategy that simplifies and centralizes the way you handle your company’s accounts payable operations. 

Mrs. Bogna brings her education in the IT field and professional experience in software implementation and integration and accounts payable to the bookkeeping and AP services at Secure AP. Her exceptional attention to detail and professionalism means your financial accounts are accurate and up-to-date. 

By combining their professional experience and education, the team at Secure AP can provide full-service bookkeeping and accounts payable services for your business in Irving, Texas, and the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

Bookkeeping Services Through Secure AP

The team at Secure AP understands the amount of time and effort it takes business owners to perform bookkeeping functions daily. That’s why we offer an efficient, reliable outsourced bookkeeping service that keeps up with recording your daily financial data and accounts payable tasks, so you don’t have to do them yourself or hire an extra employee at an hourly rate to keep your company’s books current.  

bookkeeping services secure ap solutions

With our bookkeeping services, we manage the following bookkeeping tasks:

  • Ledger maintenance
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Chart of accounts
  • Cash flow management
  • Financial reporting and analysis

As part of Secure AP’s Irving bookkeeping services, we offer a specialized focus in accounts payable. This includes tasks like credit card reconciliations, reporting, content management, and AP administration. We also handle journal entries and data extraction. 

Our invoice receipt process includes imaging the invoice and any accompanying documents and going through the approval and discrepancy resolution process for each invoice that your company receives. Our goal is to completely take care of the AP operations for your business in a cost-effective manner, so you are not required to hire and train an employee to perform these tasks. In this way, Secure AP saves you time and money with our outsourced AP services. 

All our services utilize cloud-based software that you can access through our client portal 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our certified bookkeeper teams use an automated, streamlined process to keep your company’s financial data up-to-date and available to you whenever you need to check it. 

ERP Consulting with Secure AP

In addition to our Dallas-Fort Worth bookkeeping services, we offer Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) consulting for business owners in nearby Irving, Texas. Our ERP consulting services guide you through the best practices of accounts payable operations and help to diagnose and strategize your use of a centralized, long-term management approach to your accounts payable and bookkeeping system. 

erp consulting with secure ap solutions

Moving to an ERP system or updating your out-of-date ERP software can have a beneficial effect on your business. Cloud-based ERP systems can provide real-time updates on your company’s financial data and allow company-wide financial updates to those authorized to view the information. Additionally, centralized ERP systems cut down on costs and keep all your information in one secure location. 

As part of our ERP consulting services, we’ll help you identify areas of your current bookkeeping and accounts payable processes that can be automated and put a plan in place that will bring these practices up-to-date without overloading you and your staff with changes.

Why Choose Secure AP?

There are many reasons to choose Secure AP for your bookkeeping and accounts payable needs in Irving. When you partner with us, your business experiences the following benefits:

  • Access  to state-of-the-art software without the cost
  • Access to years of experience in AP and bookkeeping
  • Less time on bookkeeping tasks, more on other areas of business
  • Development of a long-term AP management plan
  • Easy, quick onboarding and exceptional response time
  • Adherence to AP best practices
  • Quick AP processing and ability to see updates within 24 hours
  • Safe, private financial services
  • Two- and three-way authentication security factors
  • Cost-effective financial management services vs. hiring new employees

Our full-service bookkeeping services better help you with your business tax planning strategy and having the necessary information easily accessible when it comes time to fill out your small business tax return. 

Partner with Secure AP for Your Bookkeeping Needs

Partner with Secure AP to alleviate your daily stress  If you are a small or medium-sized business owner looking to relieve the burden of hours spent performing daily bookkeeping and accounts payable tasks. Our accounts payable and bookkeeping services allow you to put time and effort into growing your business and ensuring your customer or client-facing operations run smoothly, rather than sitting at a computer inputting data. 

We have years of experience in accounts payable and bookkeeping which we bring to your business when you partner with us. Contact the team at Secure AP to see how our services can benefit your business’s specific needs. Reach out online or call us at (972) 375-0442 to get started.